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About us

It’s never been more important to make the most of our precious resources. From water, to oil, to food, a focus on reducing waste, recovering valuable materials, and maximizing everything we use introduces new value and increased efficiency to a wide range of industries.

For over 30 years, GTech has been building a global reputation for developing innovative, industrial-grade equipment and industry-leading technology solutions designed for the circular economy.

GTech works with wide range of businesses around the world, including providing master service agreements (MSA) for a number of major international businesses.

Our broad selection of purpose-built machinery is designed to meet the exacting standards of some of the most demanding sectors, including oil and gas, industrial, environmental and waste management, and oils and by-products. Our product range includes GTech’s world-renowned 3 phase separation products – a step change for the sector. We also provide tailored skids that offer industry-leading mobility and efficiency.

As part of our drive for efficiency, our manufacturing lead times are best in class. This provides more choice and flexibility for clients seeking to realise new opportunities in a rapidly evolving international market.

Our experienced team of in-house designers and engineers, based across the global GTech network, also enables us to tailor solutions to our customers’ individual needs.

Our expert service department is highly responsive – reducing downtime and improving customer value. The innovative panel technology and software GTech incorporates in many of its products allows remote operation and troubleshooting, further enhancing the responsiveness of our service. GTech’s experienced technicians also service and repair a full range of competitors’ OEM decanters and centrifuges.

We’re proud to meet exacting industry standards in the design and manufacture of our industrial-grade machinery, including ISO 9001:2015. Our systems and processes also meet and exceed health and safety and regulatory requirements in the international territories we work in.

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