Why GTech

GTech has been developing reliable, high-performing industrial-grade equipment for more than 30 years.

GTech works with both small and large-scale businesses to develop innovative solutions to reduce waste, clean and separate outflow, and recover valuable resources for the industrial, food, upstream oil and gas, mining, by product processing, and environmental and wastewater sectors.

With a focus on tailored design and a deep understanding of the evolving demands of a range of sectors, GTech has the knowledge, experience and expertise to produce world-class manufactured engineering parts and purpose-built products – including decanter centrifuges, high-speed vertical disc separators, pumps and grinders. We also provide spare parts, as well as machinery repairs and servicing – with a global reputation for responsiveness and rapid turn-around.

Constantly building on an established reputation for customer service, delivery and results, GTech provides industry-leading systems and components that are accurate, traceable and reliable. We’re committed to ongoing research and development and innovation in manufacturing – ensuring constant evolution, efficiency and ultimate value.

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Why GTech?
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